Nate Jancola

Investigator for Living Life Studios


Bod: 2
Agi: 2
Str: 2
Rea: 4
Log: 4
Int: 4
Cha: 3
Wil: 3
Edg: 3

Ess: 5.08

Cybereyes w/Microscopic vision and SmartLink
Shiawase Sliverline Cybersuite (Math SPU, Attention Co-Processor (3), Sigma II commlink headware, image link, data jack)


Analytical Mind
School of Hard Knocks
Latent Technomancer
Day Job
SINer (standard)


Nate likes his lifestyle. He came up on the borders of the Shattergraves, the child of parents who knew only poverty, suffering and fear. They scraped and scrapped day in and day out, the roof leaked, food was scarce, and there was suffering aplenty. He appreciates what he’s got and doesn’t feel the least bit bad about “selling out”. His apartment is clean, well furnished with the best stuff. Stylish isn’t likely a word to describe it, but it’s all very high quality furniture, appliances and electronics. All of which he takes VERY good care of. He’s clothes are probably very stylish, exquisitely tailored and very well cared for – he steps over and around puddles, carries an umbrella – not because he doesn’t want to get wet, but because he doesn’t want his shoes or clothes to get wet. Nate KNOWS what 500 nuyen will buy, and has no intention of ever living in a burned out squat again. He can afford to valet park, but won’t because he doesn’t want his car scratched. He gets his hair cut once a week. He is an ambitious and talented corporate go-getter, even if his accent is thoroughly South Chicago. What he can’t achieve by outright talent, he will achieve by bulldog determination and tireless effort, but make no mistake brute force is not out of the question. He realizes that in a stand-up fight, he’s not likely to win, but there are LOTS of kinds of power…

When the shit hits the fan, he’s going to know what he’s lost and is going to want it back. He will do whatever it takes to get through, but he damn sure won’t like it. When it becomes clear to him that there’s no way back into the ivory tower, he’ll build his own. He will be dry, comfortable, have all the gear and the security to enjoy it – as Nate himself says “Nate knows one thing, poverty sucks.”

Nate Jancola

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