Trapped in Bug City

Well, ain't this just swell...

Nate Jancola watches the world end

Personal File 20550819

So, I’m working from home – not that I blame the legal twinks for having me peruse Horizon’s files from a public node – which I hate, and something goes wrong. This wasn’t a Matrix glitch or Horizon’s black IC – I’ve seen black IC from both sides – and this wasn’t IC of any color. Everything went off, me included. It was that sudden, the world just switched OFF.

Hours later and I wake up with the whole building going to hell and punks flying three different sets of gang colors tearing the security doors off the building. The neighbors screaming bloody murder and charging into the hall – not that I was doing too much different. Building node is up but throwing alarms that it can’t reach any external nodes, so Ares and Lonestar are NOT going to come to the rescue. I grab the Browning LLS issued me and my coat, thinking that is was really fortunate I’d put on the Actioneers thinking I’d be headed to the office to turn in my report.

Danny’s in the hall with the kid headed to the South-Asia’s apartment, and the DocWagon driver from downstairs is blasting away with a shotgun. Looked like she might have been using gels, which almost made me laugh until I realized the Browning was still loaded with LLS’s stupid Stick n’ Shocks. I’m almost glad LLS skied out – at least now I can go back to carrying hollow points…

Anyway, I pop off a quick shot while I try to assess the situation but get zilch for the effort and Danny and Taryn finish up the mess when the South-Asian – Ravi something or another – starts yelping something about “Spirits don’t do this..No such thing as bug spirits…” Meant naff-all to me to be completely honest.

With the thugs downed, we’re all looking at Ravi for some more information, most of which stills means nothing. Some goobledy-gook about his “lodge disappearing”. Turns out it’s a bit like the whole rest of the Matrix vanishing. That I can understand.

With a bit of discussion and time to run up my own IC on the building node, we decide to head to Truman, see what we can do about getting some cover and maybe borrow some of LLS’s muscle.

Not 10 blocks from the house and we run into one of Simtel’s secretaries hassling it out with some Wasp critters. I’ll give it to Danny, he’s long on balls – bit short on the brains – but long on balls. He guns his bike and runs right at the secretary’s car and jumps it! Wasps duely take off after him while my neighbors finish the rescue – while I burn another of LLS’s rounds trying to get in to the office. Most of the wasps coming rushing back just in time to catch rounds from me and Taryn.

Danny manages to get himself back, and Ravi’s going on about “They move faster than you think…” Turns out it somekind of astral travel equation that means the bugs can go “virtual” and move through the Astral Matrix and reappear in the real world having covered a LOT more ground. Meanwhile the other fem from the building – damn, what’s her name? – Adessa maybe? – is dragging the recuees from the car.

More time gets wasted while we pow-wow about what’s going on and the fem from Simtel announces Truman’s already been evaced. Fraggin’ brilliant!

Then the explosions start. I figure it was UCAS Mil and CorpSec blasting the baddies – uh, no, that’s not how that turned out, but we wouldn’t find that out for another 5 blocks or so…

We decide to head west, as there aren’t any explosions there yet. Then we get to Midway and UCAS comes in hot with a load a Pavement Busters. At least the bugs brought one of them down. So we high-tail it to the west, until the street’s blocked by what used to be the city block.

Ravi does his Astral voodoo in the back seat of my car (there’ll be Ghouls to pay if there’s a mess) and comes back saying “We’ve been ‘contained’.”

I hate working from home.

Looks like I’ll be doing a bunch of it though – if the Matrix ever comes back up.

Way I see it LLS owes me. A lot. Come to think of it Ares, Simtel and UCAS too – I worked too hard to get out of the Shattergraves just to have them expand it on me…



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