Trapped in Bug City

Altruism Sucks

Nate, Day 2


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User Remap: Nate Jancola

Personal File 20550820

Now that the kids have gotten to sleep and I’ve gotten some time to myself, I can get this all down – it may be important later.

Yesterday morning started early. We all got rounded up at Ravi’s place over tea and coffee before we headed out for Adessa’s rada.

First sign it was going to be a rough day was the anthill made of the neighborhood right outside the apartment building.Whole place smelled of fomic acid too – we knew from the start we wouldn’t be heading back there. I want my gear back – all of it, not just what I managed to throw in the back of the car.

The trip to the rada was fairly uneventful, just a brush with a street gang playing a smart, aggressive defense against the bugs. I didn’t recognize the colors, but I’ve got the photo stored and will look into it in a bit. The remarkable thing about it was, they weren’t extracting tolls – just visually verifying anyone coming onto their turf wasn’t sporting antennae or faceted eyes. Worth identifying them and establishing a relationship as they’ve gotten organized very quickly and NOT gone out of control.

The rada itself was devoid of life, but Adessa did recover some supplies including a few bottles of tequila and a trash can drone sporting a home-built shotgun rig. Took about half a second to hack it and shift ownership to her, but it looks like it’ll make a servicable sentry. Not sure it packs enough firepower to slow down a bug, but the shotgun going off will be one hell of an alarm bell.

Next part of the day was to be to find Danny’s sister before heading off to look for Ravi’s. The day started bad, and never got much better. (starting to feel VERY sick, will knock out a few reminders for myself and then get some rest)

Shaman, Ice Sheet, Taryn netted, Danny wounded. Finds in house, early impressions of evidence. Taryn and Ravi heal Danny.

Head south, truck, commlink on panic, church, mud, enterance to sewer, dzonoqua, Danny flashpacks, shaman, bugs, fly gas (origin of illness?), woman (soul gone & dispatched), kids & reverand, commlink returned.

Shogun’s place, Abrams lobster, knives, food stash, commlink, LLS, LaWanda, (retch..)

Movie, plan (retch…)


iQA/AwUBSZt/9vGypSNyp4/PEQKsCwCgyZajjvdG7mf73s61IXrpwbTXnk8AoOV/ sZVHD6yEYp0aL5dJEznyUOxi =O4FS




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