Trapped in Bug City


Ravi, Taryn, Adessa, Nate, and the spirit freak got drafted into helping the holdouts at the Field Museum. They’ve been getting hit pretty hard by waves of bugs, so the group went hunting for the Creeps in charge. They went to the University, watched a large force of bugs move out, then went inside and started shooting things. The freak took the body of some butt-ugly troll, then they blew up a good portion of the building, where some “human-form” bug was apparently in charge. She got blown up pretty good, too. It stopped the bugs, the Field Museum said they became easy prey after the explosion. Glad I’m not there, all those dead bugs must be stinking real bad.

Joey out.

All but One

All but one returned from the trip. My brother, Danny, died. They said it was a Nosferatu, some kind of super vampire that fought them. Apparently, during the fight, a gasline was hit, and kaboom. Danny died. The others lived. They’re pretty sure the vamp died, too. Big deal. What’s one more freak, compared to losing my brother. They all said they’d take care of me. After the care they took with Danny, I doubt I’ll live long. Hell, they probably don’t even remember my name.

Oh, and they brought back some spirit freak thing. It possesses people. If the bugs don’t get me, this thing will take my body. Can’t even sleep well now. The thing could come right through the walls.


I think everyone died. My brother and the others went to help some dwarves held up with some survivors somewhere up the traintracks. They haven’t come home, but the dwarves came running in here yelling about Vampires and Nosferatu. Scary s%@#. I hope Danny comes back safe…


still kicking

Well, we’re still here. It’s early October, and despite everything we’ve had thrown at us, we’re still kicking around Chicago. We’ve contacted some other survivor groups, so maybe we can get a little cooperation and teamwork going on in here. The shaman at the Museum has around 300 followers with him. We met some Guardian Angels running the trains back and forth. We’re on our way to Little Earth to see which side they are fighting with and against. Despite most of us wanting to hunt down some of the Volk Nazi’s, we didn’t find any of them. We ended up following a railroad in the opposite direction, and Adessa almost got her arm chewed off by a rabid poodle for the trouble. The bugmen are using diseased dogs and handguns now. Guess they have some intelligence in their bugbrains.

Adessa's Journal Hog roast aftermath

We did find some survivors. Some didn’t survive as long as we hoped they would. Again with the firing and the shooting. A mage, a hacker, the leader a dwarf and a few others were all shooting at us. Turns out they were shadowrunners who were hoping to get into Chicago to get some looting done.

Here’s the shitter.. they didn’t know squat about Chicago. So in other words, the gov’t is doing the cover up thing like I thought they would. Why not. Their job is to protect the public, not a few citizens but the state, the nation. Still bitter though.

So we now have a drone. We’re losing a few weapons though. Unless we get lucky enough to have more shadow runners to come looting.

Not that more people with guns is good, but getting those guns is always nice. Maybe we can get Nate to talk to Grid Reaper about beginning to trade food for weapons. As long as we’re shooting we’ll be ass deep in bodies.. might as well give em to the ghouls. I don’t like it.. but then it seems more respectful than letting the body rot or bugs eat them.

We went to the field museum. I feel weird saying “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” I mean cliche right?

We did learn something even MORE amusing. Apparently the bugs are getting smart. They’re making forms of bugs that look like humans exactly so we can’t tell they’re bugs. That way they can lure humans in. So… the only thing I can hope for is trusting my team mates. Wonderful, Peachy, great. Terrific. The info just keeps getting better.

Now what? I swear.. if this is doesn’t get any better I’m gonna need a better gym and more tequila. I have to keep remembering to treat my body well. We’re going to have to find food source soon. I guess worst case scenario Chicago’s got enough rats right?

Man, chocolate sounds good right now.. Wonder if any of these corps left any of the good chocolate around?

Ravi's Journal 2
Wherein we visit the museum and our neighbors, with surprising results

After deciding to follow Nate’s suggestion to hold a hog roast for the neighborhood with the meat acquired from Ghoul Town, we set out to meet and invite the neighbors.

In the building next to ours, we ran across a group of survivors. They immediately started shooting at us, though we had done nothing aggressive. We attempted to cease the fighting, but things spiraled out of control rapidly. We eventually subdued them all, but as it turned out, most of them were dead. Even the ones I brought down with stunbolts had died. Upon further investigation, they were already severely wounded from earlier incidents, apparently with the bugs. They had horrendous injuries, and appeared to be suffering from the effects of venomous stings or bites.

We managed to bring two survivors back to LLS so Taryn could ply them with her tender mercies. One died on the table. The last survivor died several days later of his injuries without regaining consciousness. I was able to read his mind before he expired. Apparently they were a team of “shadowrunners,” criminals for hire. They’d decided to sneak INTO the Zone in an effort to profit from salvage. One was injured on the way in, and then they were beset upon by beetles, and later, wasps. I want to feel bad for them, but I am unable to conjure sympathy for people who sneaked into this hellhole, and attempted to profit from the disaster. I regret their deaths, but I do not feel responsible for them.

After the hogroast, which was relatively well attended and enjoyed by all, we visited the Field Museum, at the request of the shaman there. We were greeted warmly, and Danny and I were able to reconnect with our sisters. We exchanged information, and were invited to stay. We declined, but did transfer the children and the priest to their care, along with some weapons and ammunition. They have a stout ward there, one that I could not hope to match. We intend to remain an independent outpost, though how long that will last I do not know. How long will the bugs remain in their torpid state, and what will they be like when they emerge from it? But for now, I rest somewhat more comfortably knowing the children and our sisters are safer there than here.


Well, Cassie’s alive, so is Ravi’s sister. Great news there. They are at a sanctuary in the Field Museum. Lots of survivors have arrived there, we plan on dropping off some weapons and ammo, with the kids so they will hopefully have a better chance. We’re gonna ask the Naga that is staying at our place if she wants to join them. There’s something in the museum that the bugs want, badly, so the more firepower we can give them, the better. Once we do that, we can go hunting for ammo and Illinois Nazi’s.

Danny out.

Last and Forgotten

So here I am with this group of people that apparently I’ve lived with for the last year or two at least and we find out that we’re not only a group of survivors, but heroes.

People we’ve found: Nate’s friend Lawanda, Radja, some kids and their pastor thanks to a little one remembering Hansel and Gretel, a free spirit who found us apparently and advised us to run he was an interesting fellow, Rory who turns out to be gifted, and I think that’s about it. We have found out that the field museum has been protected by that “nut” everyone was laughing at when he said the end of the world was coming. I’d say he’d gotten the last laugh, my guess is he’s not laughing either.

I’m not sure whether I trust that place however, I don’t know if it’s just experiencing too much here in Chicago already or what. I don’t mind meeting him. I don’t mind helping him. However, the only people I trust right now are the guys I’m running with now. At least, I know how they react in most cases. If they were gonna shoot me they’d done it by now. Anyways, they found Radja, some group of people we’re gonna let him swing by a lightpost. Ravi turned him to goo. He’s been waiting for ever to cast that spell I think. Radja seemed a little confused but grateful.

So, here we are now. We gots a 1/2 a pig. Nate wants to throw a bbq. Figures we can find folks easier that way now the bugs are asleep. I think I want to throw up security measures anyway in case some of the bugs didn’t sleep. I also want to send folks to a safer area asap. LLS is great right now. But I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up. Although Nate’s keeping things together. Again, I’m not so comfortable with living with a large group of people who are panicking in a field museum. It’s great to know it’s there if times get tough.. but I’d really like to know that we can depend on ourselves.

Weird, I know. Why not take the easy way out. Hell, I’m just glad I’ve got Radja at my back. Irony is, I was ready to scream because he was gone, but I still haven’t told him that I care for him. Ehh.. one way or another it’ll either come out or won’t.

The Nightmare continues

10 Days. It’s been 10 days they tell me, not that most of us could tell. Not long after getting to LSS, most of us dropped. Vomiting, sweating, hallucinations. Taryn says it was the “Flymen”. They belched some god awful disease cloud at us, and pretty much everyone but Taryn was sick for a week and a half. Makes an Ork want to blow his brains out. My sis is probably dead by now. Ten days on her own. Chances aren’t good. I didn’t want to come south in the first place, but after I got mauled by that bugman, we didn’t seem to have a choice. No way she’d sit tight in her apartment for this long. Her food would be gone by now or her journalistic curiousity would overwhelm her commonsense. If the bugs didn’t get her, the bug shamans would love to take her for a breeder. That’s if she didn’t get her head blown off by the UCAS goons at the wall. If she’s alive and if we can find her, I hope she can forgive me for not coming for her sooner. But we are coming now, and nothing is going to stand in my way.

Up The Creek and Stuck in a Whirlpool

Allright, we made it through a couple of days, now. We made a run to Adessa’s rada/dojo, found an armed trashcan drone, picked up a gang buddy of hers, then tried to get to my sisters place, and Ravi’s sisters place. Ran into a Bug Shaman with some henchbugs. Tore me up pretty good, so we changed plans and headed south. Picked up a pimped out pick-up, and found a commlink distress at a church. Nate noticed a line of stickers, like breadcrumbs, and we followed them into the sewer. Never go into the sewer.

Our first encounter was with a Dzoo-no, with antenna’s. So, yes, awakened creatures can be possessed by these things. Anyways, we got lucky. I was able to flashpak the Dzo, and despite what anyone else says, I did not scream when it almost took off my head. Ravi, Tar, and Dess hit it with everything they had, and then Nate put a couple rounds in it’s head. A little further on, we found another Bug Shaman creep, this one with 4 Fly crossed bugmen. They were doing some ritual trying to put a queen spirit into a lady. After the firefight, we found the lady was already gone, so we ended her misery. We found the Rev and some kids locked up in the back and got them out.

We hit my buddy’s restaurant. Shogun’s the head chef at the Red Abrams. At least he was the chef there. We found his knives in the kitchen, and some big damn lobsters running around the dining area. Shogun would never leave his knives. Guess he didn’t make it. Rest in Peace, bro.

Now, we’re at LSS corp HQ. Licking our wounds, and chasing kids around. We gotta get out of this zone.


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